v.a. - emerging organisms. ta001

v.a. - emerging organisms. 2cd

tympanik audio. ta001

29 exclusive, rare, remixed, and unreleased tracks by some of the world's most prolific electronic artists. eo 1 contains 14 tracks of dark ambient and technoid industrial by some of the best in the genre including architect, eretsua, flaque, urusai, lucidstatic, architrav, totakeke, s:cage, talvekoid, tzolk'in, and newcomers rekt, distraub, freeze etch, and unterm rad, as well as remixes by displacer, dryft, and dreams are maps. eo 2 features 15 additional tracks in the idm and electronica genres by flint glass, ab ovo vs. flaque, stendeck, freeze etch, atomatik13, hecq, ginormous, n0nplus, phylum sinter, justin mcgrath, displacer, nebulo, mnemonic, and aural. packaged in a beautiful 2 cd digipak that will stand out in any cd collection. dark electronic music that will captivate and inspire.


1 bewegungsspielraum architrav
2 proto-awareness eretsua
3 somebody set up us the bomb rekt
4 slow forward urusai
5 night vision lucidstatic
6 caine in the brain | displacer remix architect
7 motion sensor | recalibrated distraub
8 imix | hidden forms remix tzolk'in
9 power of ideas | hidden forms mix totakeke
10 hymn talvekoidik
11 unearth s:cage
12 irrotator freeze etch
13 stairway | stairwell sidearm remix by dryft architect
14 on the brink-verge | remix by dreams are maps unterm rad
1 at takwi flint glass
2 circle of memories ab ovo vs. flaque
3 like falling crystals | disharmony remix stendeck
4 stalwart freeze etch
5 traffic lights atomatik13
6 moonkissed hecq
7 part of him died that night ginormous
8 in your wake | lying right next to me remix n0nplus
9 shadow codex phylum sinter
10 the last thing you said was fall justin mcgrath
11 witching hour displacer
12 black shadows in the fog flaque
13 reverse | remix nebulo
14 porous dreams mnemonic feat. qasot
15 narcoleptic aural