ke-re-kö-kö-kokex. v10.0

ke-re-kö-kö-kokex. cd

vacuum. v10.0

logatomistes is a sideproject of rob[u]rang (silk saw, jardin d'usure, moonsanto...) john sellekaers (ambre, xingu hill, urawa...) and c drik (ammo, axiome...), started in 2001, after recording a live improvisation at radio worm in rotterdam. their music is a construction of collage soundtracks, evolving from ambient shores to noisy frameworks. the originality of this masterpiece lays in the architecture of the album, bringing many different emotions, colors and visual perspectives. stay stoked!


1 ors clamgy
2 murra
3 ibn qirtaiba
4 néomi
5 korrokoum oumkpaal
6 ripriprip !
7 krosolit oax
8 moumh!
9 carapina po nebu
10 gnok
11 oxomi
12 mirliton ribon ribette
13 quivi
14 quivi
15 kull wahad!