la chambre de styrene. v09.0

drahomira song orchestra
la chambre de styrene. cd

vacuum. v09.0

this album is the first release of the drahomira song orchestra, the musical subsidiary of the multimedia art factory "institut drahomira" (drahomira ink.) . 8 obscure ambient tracks : bizarre string loops and mysterious unidentified speaking voices create a worrying atmosphere of claustrophobia. so far, their works (about 50 albums) were only produced on cd-r or tapes and distributed randomly by mail, to people picked in the phonebook. since the late 80's some live performances were also organised in secret places and transmitted by phone to the audience.


1 mosaique
2 argentine
3 téléphérique
4 red now
5 reime
6 clématite
7 starmania
8 mazatlan