v.a. - dura matters. zod.20cd

v.a. - dura matters. cd

zod records. zod.20cd

many contributed to make this compilation of ideas into one main idea that cannot, and should not, be ignored. spawned from the collective mind of zod into a like ideal, the artists that came together to bring dura matters to fruition have conceived a song cycle that mirrors a spring and autumn cycle of beauty and worth that will stand out among any collection for its craft and direction. from its amazing artwork, to the sounds within, coupled with the pristine quality of both its vinyl and silica; there are few words to describe a record that must be both seen and heard. it is with great confidence and pride that we present the cumulation of so many years collective work. feat. yuppster, terminal11, emotionaljoystick, ground chuck, exillon, eight frozen modules, otto von schirach, com.a, curtis chip, tangible, vaporizer, soplerfo, gridlock and binray.


1 mirror eyed girl street samurai yuppster
2 7s terminal11
3 this time emotionaljoystick
4 slowneck ground chuck
5 dhme exillon
6 the frigid sigh got me high eight frozen modules
7 roach motel otto von schirach
8 miami planet com.a
9 non-working mouth curtis chip
10 real left field-yuppster mix tangible
11 blister theme vaporizer
12 all around and nothing soplerfo
13 displacement gridlock
14 erkward binray