xylophone jism. vrock003

xylophone jism. 12"

cock rock disco. vrock003

so way, way, way back in 1994 dan doormouse first starting making hardcore techno in milwaukee wisconsin, then one day he stumbled upon a sun ra record and thus, "breakcore" in the united states of america was born. he began the legendary addict and distort record labels soon after, and began releasing the most f.cked up high intensity music the world has ever seen. the nephew of lemmy from motorhead (really, no sh.t!), dan soon started performing solo and with his band meat around milwaukee in the midwest of the u.s., gaining a massive following of renegades, speed freaks and social workers. somehow, mike paradinas (mu-ziq) took notice, and "broken" was dan's first major cd release in 2002 on the planet mu record label. but it comes as no surprise that the sorted and complex realities of breakcore stardom (in this case of bottle of jack daniels, and some misplaced punches) made it difficult to continue with planet mu. naturally, dan finds a home at cock rock disco with "stanley yershonowski presents xylophone jism as the ridiculator." and pleased we are! "xylophone jism" is easily the greatest record ever made! it's an exploration of all types of music (...there's even whale song), pieced together into a vaguely abstract style that swallows up whole libraries of music! the listener is tossed this way and that, beaten by blasts from horn sections and gabber bass, ripped apart by high-speed breakbeats and strung out with latin rhythm. but listen to the ladies scream in delight when you get to the last track, where dan gives his brilliant version of some latin super-pop. and is there a secret track on this vinyl? who knows...


1 humanism
2 fuzz
3 killing all your aggressions
4 fried chicken
5 mathematics
6 one man david lee roth cover band
7 the ridgid warmth
8 swimming with the fishes
9 carlinism
10 dizzay
11 live at the shelborne hotel