v.a. - angst. spectre-s20

v.a. - angst. 2cd

spectre. spectre-s20

angst is an achievement... in this case it is... spectre's 'big boss' summoned his demons to work towards a common goal : a sonic exploration of and into angst. all spectre projects have gathered here to contribute their audio sculptures, and they do not celebrate this fest alone. they're given heart by other labels' dearest and a few promising newcomers. the result : a monolith of diverse industrial atmospheres united in darkness and anxiety. once you have had a look at the tracklist, a look at the artwork, and above all a listen to the all-exclusive pearls contained on this two-and-a-half-hour double cd compilation, you'll realize you got hooked... grabbed by angst and enjoying it. angst is : mimetic, hypnoskull, okk-ulth, empusae, kraken, p.a.l, 5f_55, iszoloscope, this morn' omina, flint glass, def, leiche rustikal, feindbild.gerauschdichte, hysteresis, hybryds, templegarden's, m2, codetripper, ah cama-sotz, bad sector, salt, frames a second, ms gentur, stupor, project arctic, the [law-rah] collective.


1 you failed me mimetic
2 civilisation-scape mix hypnoskull
3 fire is the devil okk-ulth
4 quantum daimon empusae
5 on n'a plus de contrĂ´le et l'animal grandit kraken
6 distress-imsonia p.a.l
7 roomcapsule-fear 5f_55
8 a spectral threat iszoloscope
9 tupilaq this morn' omina
10 brain death flint glass
11 (finally i run...really-tro-heal mix def
12 1ek leiche rustikal
13 anf angst est in engem raum feindbild geraeuschdichte
1 noradrenaline hysteresis
2 her greatest fear hybryds
3 downstairs templegarden's
4 the far rim of consciousness squaremeter
5 deserted cities codetripper
6 the war against the machines ah cama-sotz
7 manned / unmanned bad sector
8 dai toshiki salt
9 synchronized culture frames a second
10 iraqi freedom ms gentur
11 ejecting stupor
12 in lumine tuo project arctic
13 waiting for bang the [law-rah] collective