the sounds of disaster. scd046

the sounds of disaster. cd

solnze records. scd046

the sounds of disaster document the past few years of end’s life. a time of shootings, home invasions, and near fatal accidents. outrageous, epic, nihilistic, and absurd, the sounds of disaster is the soundtrack to a world of b-movie fantasies where hydrogen bombs, hippie death cults, subway-dwelling zombies, cannibal midgets, and legions of homicidal madmen all run rampant. while end's first release science/fiction was filled with spooky space themes, this recording is on a totally different planet. sure, there are recognizable moments - surf rock guitars, crazed breakbeats, cop show riffs, theremins and moogs, screaming choirs, horn sections, spy music, japanese noise, scat vocals.... but they’ve all been forced together into a frenzied mass as catchy as it is schizophrenic. there are jump-up-and-down rock numbers, sitar spaghetti westerns and even apocalyptic sing alongs. not for the feint of heart, this is the musical equivalent of a car crash. 11 essential anthems for your own personal apocalypse. this cd version of hymen records' ¥049 contains 2 extra tracks plus 3 messer chups remixes.


1 you only live once
2 to hell with everyone
3 countdown to the end
4 ruin anyone anywhere anything
5 world went down
6 mr guns (the theme from 11th street)
7 apache indian job
8 brooklyn home invasion
9 good riddance
10 the patricide song
11 fit to die
12 countdown to the end (messer chups remix)
13 good riddance (messer chups remix)
14 apache indian job (messer chups remix)