kosmos for children. scd030

kim and buran
kosmos for children. cd

solnze records. scd030

very nice sci-fi retro-easy listening music from russia - produced by messer-chups mastermind oleg gitarkin. if you are into ed wood and raumschiff orion, check this out!


1 intro
2 my first cosmic love
3 moscow-rain
4 dance of the fir-tree
5 schepochkin journey to country of big trees
6 a guest from now
7 rock'n'robot
8 happy new year martians!
9 dancing cosmognomes
10 march of batteries
11 secret of two captains
12 electromagnetic secrets of slava transistor
13 the kind alien
14 electocat
15 goodbye earth!
16 tania and vania are flying to the moon