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coming out after suicide inside's debut album, 'theory of the arising of desire' (pflichtkauf), the new one, 'learn to swallow', is a perfect continuation of its mental aesthetic. and again, this is an unusual and aggressive mixture of pounding rhythmic noise, broken beats and painful, dark melodics. this time suicide inside brings more ambient synths, explosive hythms and sharp vocals than ever before. the words are razors. suicide inside has added new sensations and the perception of the real opposed to fictious worlds into their sound. massive fat beats, slightly faster than on 'theory of the arising of desire', powerful bass-lines and psychedelic melodic structures - this is 'learn to swallow'. no tragedy - no history. this album has been presented by suicide inside at maschinenfest'06 as limited to 32 copies edition (released by invasion wreck chords). new 'learn to swallow' edition uncludes two brandnew tracks and remixes from flint glass and empusae.


1 when hell freezes over
2 beware my fangs
3 error of the moon
4 antimonopoly
5 outerman (january)
6 a little lower than angel
7 uprising
8 learn to swallow
9 angel (remix by flint glass)
10 swallow this (remix by empusae)