v.a. - maschinenfest 06. pflicht28

v.a. - maschinenfest 06. 2cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht28

exclusive tracks from all performing bands of the maschinenfest 2006. feat. hysteresis, the law-rah collective, nullvektor, camanecroszcope, geistform, black lung, asche, squaremeter, winterkälte, moctan, antigen shift, genevieve pasquier, suicide inside, in slaughter natives, p.a.l, snog, mono no aware, this morn' omina, institution d.o.l., cdatakill, shorai, xabec, bong-ra, militia, hypnoskull, mimetic and needle sharing. paper folder-cover edition.


1 zen hysteresis
2 zondagmorgen the [law-rah] collective
3 ein kleiner teil von dir nullvektor
4 opening with the sign of voor-version ad 2006 camanecroszcope
5 union radio geistform
6 concrete octopus-systemdeath migs by hecq black lung
7 addiction asche
8 alban eilir squaremeter
9 stop plutonium winterkälte
10 men at work-maschinenfest 2006 remix moctan
11 we you take me antigen shift
12 machine-celebration genevieve pasquier
13 error of the moon suicide inside
1 tearing my life away in slaughter natives
2 drumpolice p.a.l
3 crash crash vs. tim wright snog
4 joor mono no aware
5 ennoia this morn' omina
6 the beginning of love with a chainsaw institution d.o.l.
7 you are mine-remix by enduser cdatakill
8 chrnotones shorai
9 snowline-live xabec
10 terrorizah bong-ra
11 a kite of glass in a blood red sky militia
12 out in the streetz hypnoskull
13 my commune mimetic
14 tell it to my heart needle sharing