theory of the arising of desire. pflicht27

suicide inside
theory of the arising of desire. cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht27

this very complex and intense sounding cd offers a nucleic mixture of industrial and power noise music. cold, dark and simultaneously very emotional atmospheres of complex, restrained fury bring massive beats, deep bass, unexpected flash backs and mental industrialism, which mixes perfectly with concentrated agression, hysterical vocals and noisy broken beats. even if 'theory of the arising of desire' contains a lot of melody, it always forces you to feel that control of violence can be lost in one nice moment. yes, it wakes up most of your secret wishes which you should like to hide deeply inside yourself, but you have no choice anymore - kill or to be killed. 'theory of the arising of desire' contains 11 tracks with over 50 minutes total duration, including an amazing remix by mimetic.


1 cold water
2 magic
3 bloody mary for lunch
4 fear inc.
5 angel
6 burning slide
7 no fun
8 never shut me down
9 black ice
10 13
11 magic (remix by mimetic)