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drones for drella. cd

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how does a building sound? or a statue? what does one get if paint is replaced by sound? are canvas and a hard drive in any way related to each other? what happens if an artist gets his inspiration from an architect, writer, filmer, or even a painter? some two years ago the [law-rah] collective started to work on this concept. being a long-time admirerer of the works of andy warhol, the goal was to translate his works into an auditory perspective. the result is presented on the new album ‘drones for drella’, which was named after the tribute lou reed and john cale wrote for andy warhol after his unfortunate death in 1987. the album contains six tracks and is just under an hour long. the track titles refer to the work on which they were based. for example ‘electric chair’, ‘oxydation paintings’ and of course ‘campbell’s i’. obviously most tracks were based on warhol’s graphic works, but also the three hour movie ‘chelsea girls’ served as inspiration on one of them. ‘drones for drella’ might well be the collective's most conceptual album so far, but in no way has the sound changed compared to their earlier works: expect massive, deep, layered drones with seemingly eratic notes scattered throughout the frequency spectrum.


1 ladies and gentlemen
2 oxydation paintings
3 electric chair
4 campbell's I
5 sex parts
6 chelsea girls