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bazooka joe is proud to present the rorschach garden's first full length cd (after several vinyl and cd-r releases). this debut cd features 18 of the finest 80s / retro-minimal-electro tracks recorded since 1997. the rorschach garden was started by p.muench (when he was 20 years of age ) as a one-man project in 1988. initially the project made its way in the underground tape scene. in the beginning, p.muench experimented with a synth (his first one) and created something that was somewhere between ambient, industrial and avantgarde. this first trg phase ended in 1996 due to p.muench's engagement in other musical projects. in 2001 trg came back to life and with this resurrection there was a change of musical direction toward synth-pop and minimal-electro. the new phase was kicked off with the first 7" vinyl release on bazooka joe. "state protection" surprisingly became a small club hit and the now deleted 7" is a cult object for minimal-electro addicts. then, b.teichner and n.pohlmann joined the group for studio recordings and for well received live appearances. on this cd, you will find unreleased tracks along with carefully selected material that was previously available only on vinyl ('state protection' is one of them). you can expect to hear catchy melody lines, minimal sequences, a unique voice and a cover version that will cause enthusiastic reactions for eighties fans: '25 years' by the catch.


1 state protection
2 consumer electronics
3 desire
4 excuses
5 small village
6 robot song
7 motor city
8 devotional chains
9 the persuader
10 fish and honey
11 little gnat
12 focus
13 8-bit-flash
14 cold
15 the chosen few
16 devotion
17 morpheus
18 25 years