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as if hurled from the flame-licked mouth of an infernal deity, enduser comes at your ears with ferocity unmatched in the breakcore world. from zero, a collection of 18 tracks ranging from various vinyl-only releases to smoking unreleased cuts by cincinnati’s lynn standafer, barrels at you with pure amen madness, smoldering with emotional depth rarely found in break-centric music today. from zero illustrates how committed lynn is to bringing back the intensity, creativity, and emotion that’s dwindled since drum’n’bass came to the fore in the mid ‘90s. after all, who in their right mind would dare sample the multi-platinum new age diva enya for a breakcore track? enduser, that’s fucking who: “endya”’s brilliance lies in the careful balance between the celtic songstress’ long ethereal synth tones and a ripping break sequence that would make venetian snares coo with delight. but enduser doesn’t stop there, bringing back overtones of drum’n’bass’ forerunners—true jungle, dancehall, and ragga - to throw down the gauntlet for anyone hard enough to pick it up and toss it on the wheels of steel. one of five new tracks, “def?” bangs the shit out ragga style, with unadulterated amen power permeating dense echo prepping and demonic rolling bass lines. and “knuckle fucker” pivots on recycled atari game sounds clashing with drill beats flowing out like a shower of mac 10 rounds. it all comes together to make from zero one of 2004’s most challenging break-based records.


1 jung n' base
2 beatdown
3 pale rmx
4 endya
5 def?
6 ill cosby's remix mashup
7 west side breaks
8 dul m remix
9 wreckin shit
10 knuckle fucker
11 fuck it (demo)
12 dragon attack rmx 2
13 koku rmx
14 kick dem down
15 things to do in the queen city
16 rukkus
17 i come from cincinnati
18 return of the smack