the analysis of noise trading. ¥746

the analysis of noise trading. mp3 album

hymen records. ¥746

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architect went out shopping to get some noise - but he found out that noise was out of stock. but what do we have here? has daniel myer, the architect mastermind, found some noise to trade? 'analysis…' combines the roughness of 'galactic supermarket' and 'i went out shopping... - the result is a balance between breaks, sound-bits and ambience. however, this combination may be more subtle than first realized - for example, track 2 starts very calm (although you can already hear distorted bass) but it is the one which sets 'the analysis's direction: a straight but syncopated attack which includes breaks, clicks, vocals and - noise! vocals and vocal samples have become more important for architect. for this release, vocals are embedded and are reminiscent of d.myers pre-architectural work in the more 'popular' area. a nice side effect is that it is an exciting alternative to the mostly instrumental idm scene. check out 'if jim would jam with richie' and you will be convinced! an album as excellent as previous architect works - fully satisfying indoor and outdoor listeners. finally daniel got some noise - what consequence this analysis might have in the future? stay tuned...


1 st. vodka (mother russia)
2 if jim would jam with richie
3 vectorize (original manipulation)
4 speed o.j.
5 suicide lake
6 radio einheit (fine mechanism)
7 a monkeys testdive in a highspeed car with a broken stereo
8 ulverized substance
9 ah chamber phx
10 bolzen bei ilse
11 st. vodka (hecq reconstruction)