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venetian snares’ aaron funk returns to complete the horror and destruction initiated in doll doll doll with find candace. find candace is the second and final installment in the so-called “doll sequence,” through which mr. funk obliterates the lines between jungle, d&b, gabber, breakcore, and post-industrial. find candace revels in microscopic beat sequencing, elevating it to an art form that’s worlds apart from his contemporaries. maelstrom is ever-present, starting with the break madness of a remixed “befriend a child killer” from doll doll doll, here contorted through searing synth tones and electrolyzed vocal commands. aaron funk understands the importance of balancing the maelstrom through tense, textured atmospherics - putting them to use in the opening minutes of “mercy funk,” a pensive snap-step hash that crescendos into a breakcore mantra. the title track, however, brings this balance under the scrutiny of an atomic-force microscope, uncovering a multitude of chaotic punching beats, bolt-action bass, and static sound fury. cover pictures by trevor brown.


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2 mercy funk
3 find candace
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