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architect is a hybrid of minimalistic drum'n bass and smooth ambient soundscapes explored by the electronic mastermind daniel meyer. like a architect who built up his constructions in different layers and channels, also daniel is working with this method by using only sampling tools. he's constructing abstract sonic buildings which seems to be peculiar transparent - like concrete frames without any surfaces in a pleasant familiarity. the cold polyrhythmic drumcodes are bet into a melted ambience of safety and grace. it's the warm timbre of this ambient drum'n bass recording which creates it's own unique sonic profile. each track on this album was recorded separately in very concentrated periods of creativity and collected since the last 3 years. architect's galactic supermarket is surly a perfect soundtrack for observing the space during the night... daniel meyer's musical activities begun about 7 years ago with the electro-industrial project haujobb. since the last years daniel became addicted to drum 'n bass, which opened him new views of sonic expressions. this unavoidable important influence allowed him to extend his perception of electronic music to create new dimensions.


1 short memo
2 pastgate
3 galactic supermarket
4 random lfo
5 ahead
6 eat rew
7 electronic moods
8 rubbertrack
9 parallel
10 tot mann
11 mechanism