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contagious orgasm
dessert addicts will return to this. mp3 album

ant-zen. act171

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contagious orgasm's new work, two years after 'the cause of the flow', is presented on ant-zen as a 2-cd set, consisting of 'dessert addicts...' on cd 1 and all of the album tracks remixed by ultra milkmaids, daniel menche, telepherique, xabec, p.a.l, roger rotor, the (law-rah) collective, donna summer, imminent, orphx and ontayso on cd 2. the variety of sounds and musical styles on this album is remarkable. a few examples: dub-like beats ('livewire voodoo'), a nearly neo-classical tune with bowed and pizzicato strings ('in the dim light'), a surreal piece reminding one of a soundtrack to a picture by rené magritte ('unstable parade'), a possible reference to barry adamson - that is, 60's movie phrases and jazz trumpet ('lounge') - and of course the atmospheric ambient soundscapes c.o. is known for. top all of that off with the rhythmic and abstract usage of various percussion instruments. also, c.o. has employed found sounds: sounds taken during the project's trip to europe in 2001, "peek and poke" (microcomputer's basic command for 'read and write') includes voices and sounds from a german tv documentary - these voice samples have only been used for the sound itself because c.o. mastermind hiroshi hashimoto doesn't speak german. japanese references can be found on the calm, chilling final track of the cd - with this track c.o. masterfully works with beautiful female vocals.


1 new rem
2 livewire voodoo
3 in the dim light
4 point 24 to point 29
5 peek and poke
6 unstable parade
7 industrial swamp
8 lounge
9 a drop story
10 wrapped in the white rose
11 when the empire which shines sink and dies
1 new rem (remix by ultra milkmaids)
2 livewire voodoo (remix by daniel menche)
3 in the dim light (remix by telepherique)
4 point 24 to point 29 (remix by xabec)
5 peek and poke (remix by p.a.l)
6 unstable parade (remix by roger rotor)
7 industrial swamp (remix by the [law-rah] collective)
8 lounge (remix by donna summer)
9 a drop story (remix by imminent)
10 wrapped in the white rose (remix by orphx)
11 when the empire which shines sink and dies (remix by ontayso)