au seuil du néant. act138

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ant-zen. act138

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ant-zen presents iszoloscope's first rhythm-oriented full length album. the production work on 'au seuil du néant' took two years, and you will understand why when you hear the final result. it is powerful and straight but it is also a very complex block of rhythms, which are combined with dark, droning atmospheric soundscapes (a specific feature of iszoloscope's sound). unlike other dark rhythmic projects, iszoloscope’s rhythms don't overwhelm the drones with their loudness - the combination in intensity and volume is just mind blowing. on cd2 you will hear interpretations of iszoloscope's concept. interpretations by such projects as imminent, ah cama-sotz, asche and antigen shift. so if you think the rhythmic noise (or whatever you call it) genre only repeats itself and there is no innovation anymore - taste this - you won't ever regret it.


1 intro
2 no more sighs
3 interlude 1
4 le dénominateur commun
5 interlude 2
6 -28c and falling
7 skotophobique
8 this monstrosity is part of my fibric
9 interlude 3
10 the apocryphal market
11 interlude 4
12 32 hours of eternity
13 au seuil du néant (nonexistence)
14 interlude 5
15 iszoloscope tomes deux
16 outro
1 skotophobique (recollection mix by urusai)
2 crimson road (remixed by antigen shift)
3 skotophobique (remixed by ah cama-sotz)
4 crimson road (menstrual mix by 45 cep)
5 spontaneous cognitive combustion (remixed by mortmain)
6 crimson road (remixed by sinequanon)
7 skotophobique (fear leads to anger mix by pin)
8 crimson road (dead end mix by pupil)
9 prima momentum (remixed by élément kuuda)
10 spontaneous cognitive combustion (remixed by asche)
11 phobos II (remixed by liar's rosebush)
12 le dénominateur commun (remixed by imminent)
13 skotophobique (remixed by we v2)
14 le dénominateur commun (flip and multiply mix by if then do)