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black lung's darkest ambient distortion debut from '94. black lung, hailing from the great continent of australia, is the brainchild of david thrussell alias snog. their lyrics show a strong disillusionment with the western ideals of materialism and mass ownership, a stance which is bound to enrage the "gimme" sensibilities of american capitalism. despite their apparently radical inclinations, david doesn't regard his lyrics as political, but rather as simple and rather obvious social observations. he doesn't claim to have any revelationary secrets, but sees his lyrics as a frank examination of our humanity struggling within itself. in 1995, david thrussell opened his black lung project with the debut album 'silent weapons for silent wars', he also appeared with pieter bourke (of eden and dead can dance) as soma, whose releases include the hollow earth and the inner cinema. he unabashedly supports the right of sampling, and openly promotes the sampling of his own material by other artists.


1 the banque of worms
2 theme from the black lung pt.2
3 the trilateral commision
4 rex 84
5 somatime
6 theme from the black lung pt.1
7 meat manager
8 prozec parade
9 ridjeck theme
10 the golden rule