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they are back! never before has a trg album been as self-contained as 'transfer'. compared to their previous albums one will notice a significant wave influence and a turning towards contemporary songwriting; here, the bielefeld based trio present a mixture between state-of-the-art electropop and instrumental tracks which are a perfect invitation to listen deeply and to 'lift-off' as well. the opener 'move myself' already points out the direction: catchy melodies, p.m√ľnch's unmistakable vocals, driving beats and moods perfectly balanced between joy and melancholy - once again trg present the perfect connection between vogue and sophistication - a trademark they are well-known for since 'state protection'. contemporary, inspiring electronic songs, a guaranteed aural pleasure - which also explains the verve of the 'japanese friends' from korg who dedicated an extra website to trg. mission accomplished - transfer complete!


1 move myself
2 let the information flow
3 a lost love
4 doing business
5 your face
6 play games
7 security exit
8 interference
9 into darkness
10 less vast
11 night train
12 turn back
13 nature's last announcement
14 epilogue: the decent smile