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rasputeen (former rasputin) released his first works on the small bielefeld-based sub.ver.siv-label. although the firstling's pressing was rather low, his catchy electronic minimalist beats combined with inimitable german lyrics caused many people's attention. in 2004 belarussian label invasion wreckchords caught fire, and so the full-time album 'das leberwurstbrot' was published, followed by 'gegen die wand' two years later. by the time of the second full-length, rasputin decided to change his name to rasputeen to avoid political misconceptions. what you're about to hear on 'die segnungen der neuzeit' is a mixture of minimal electro pop and eighties-style sequences, with a slight splash of industrial. once asked about musical influences, raputin mentioned projects like der plan, cabaret voltaire, max goldt and palais schaumburg - take this direction, add the pumping sex-beats of deutsch-amerikanische freundschaft and top everything with a mesmerizing, distinctive voice - that's the music. rasputeen's inspirations are taken from everyday life, media, the unexpected, surprises and more. what makes him a one-of-a-kind artist is his ability to turn everyday occurences to the adventures and nightmares they actually are - social exclusion ('ein perfider plan', 'maria dolores' - btw an amazing cover of manuel & pony's 1979 smash-hit 'das lied von manuel'), abuse of credulity ('schlag auf den kopf'), a head forester as an example of intimate disturbance ('das lied vom oberförster'), social degeneration in a consumer society ('weihnachtsfreuden', 'geil!') - but the messages are so nicely displayed you might not realize their seriousness. so as you listen to rasputeen who is accompanied by rasputeenette you might happily sing along, enjoy this great album - and rasputeen's subliminal mission will start to work...


1 uh oh ah
2 ein perfider plan
3 kauf' mich
4 schlag auf den kopf
5 ich bin euer unrat
6 sie denken an dich
7 das lied vom oberförster
8 weihnachtsfreuden
9 immer für dich da
10 geil!
11 begib' dich in gefahr
12 gigolo am telefon
13 lüsternde schwestern
14 kindergarten brd
15 maria dolores
16 deine gedanken