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"basically, carrots are like peanut-butter and jelly, they are so dependable and always in the fridge; without them i would probably starve to death." –deru. have we got a farm fresh offer for you! toss out all your stale veggie trays and head on over to the delikatessen for a vitamin packed vinyl plate of tasty new carrots, erm, cuts from deru - pushing soil!. right on the heels of a critically renown lp for neo ouija, pushing air, deru digs up this spanking new collection of four remixes by fellow sound farmers guaranteed to be the perfect garnish for any listening environment. first up is a delikatessen regular, lusine icl, who takes a “no frills” route, spreading his special kind of down tempo techno butter all over “soulik,” delivering the perfect late night post-party snack. logrey beam shaves off little bits and pieces of “din” to add flavor to a beefy bass main dish simmered in rich glitch melodies - talk about a fun way to get your minerals! next up is xela, who you’ll remember from metamatics’ remixes (that spicy plate 3), chopping up big chunks of brash sound from “you haunted me” and fashioning a hearty atmospheric stew for all you ambience-starved customers. and don’t forget to save room for ginormous’ tantalizing “flux of humor,” where diced guitar and harp are laid out on a bed of luxuriant orchestral tones that takes deru’s music to a new depth! getting back to your roots never tasted so good! about the chef: deru’s ben wynn, our resident tuber trooper, hails from new york by way of chicago, and currently farms out commercial sound design in l.a. through the company he co-founded, the track team. about two years ago wynn began using the name deru, a proto-indo-european root word indicating strength and interconnectedness, with modern derivatives such as tree, trust, and endure, he explains. “i like the idea that when you release art, it grows roots with each person who experiences it. these new people have their own relationship to it that is entirely theirs, and they become the roots to the object that is your art, but entirely separate as well.” when not crafting music for the man or for himself as deru, wynn indulges a fascination in the telletubbies - “they intrigue me, and scare the shit out of me all at the same time” - and in djing a wide variety of music in l.a., including early 90’s hip-hop. but ben assures us he’s hard at work in the fields of deru, diggin’ up another batch of organic electronic goodness to follow up on his success with both pushing air and now pushing soil. give that man a spade! delikatessen is proud to have such a bountiful connection with the talented deru.


1 lusine – soulik_remixed
2 lo grey beam – din_remixed
3 xela – you_haunt_me_remixed
4 ginormous – flux_of_humor_remixed