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"regular cookies out-of-the-box are nice, of course, but it can get so much better. cookies dipped in hot chocolate, milk or soya vanilla-milk for instance. just a little bit, so they don't get too soft and fall to pieces." –myrza. toss out those stale old animal crackers and forget about the smell of your grandma’s kitchen, because delikatessen’s got a hot and gooey batch of new tunes from myrza! all you can eat is a 10-inch cookie with three glorious flavors baked in. the first bite, “lylt,” is a rich mixture of bubbling hip-hop vocal samples and sweet uptempo bass bumps that tastes a little bit like prefuse 73 and the rest of the schematic label, but sonorous and chewy instead of digital and crumbly. after whetting your appetite on “lylt” you’ll undoubtedly want a second helping, and that’s where the goodness of “taksi” comes in with a scintillating chime melody that runs like a reverberating ribbon of pure milk chocolate through your ears. we ain’t talkin’ about no hershey’s or nestle crap, either - “taksi”’s broken beat rhythms are so good it’ll make your toes curl up. if your belly’s not full yet, it certainly will be when you get to the last sumptuous cut, “lescal,” a veritable explosion of clickpop confectionary with warm long-toned melodies, complete with colorful autechre-like glitch sprinkles on top. everyone at delikatessen agreed that if we didn’t start selling all you can eat right this minute, we’d eat up all the myrza by ourselves. get yours now while they’re hot! about the chefs: myrza’s two members hail from luxembourg, where they’ve been making piping hot electronic music since they were barely out of the oven themselves. from what we can tell, they love to talk about their motherland, but because they’ve got this bizarre continental accent, all we can make out is some mumbling: “it's a nice little country, far from the usual agitation. nobody's bothering us there!” they’re kinda funny in that they won’t tell us their names, as they’d rather be known for cranking out these and other fine releases. plus, they both wear those poofy white chef’s hats when they’re baking up fresh tunes at the deli, so we can’t really tell them apart anyway. and who cares when their little electro-baked gems sound this good? delikatessen sure doesn’t - we just eat ‘em up as fast as we can, and so should you!


1 lylt
2 taksi
3 lescal