remixes. plate3

remixes. 10"

delikatessen records. plate3

“too much curry encourages ringburn, which does not come recommended; stay away from vindaloo unless you intend on a morning of anal sting.” – xela “it has replaced fish and chips…everyone is eating curry…our slang for curry is ruby murry!” – metamatics. it is with immense pleasure and much local celebration that delikatessen, your source for delicious electronics, announces a true globe-spanning dish: spicy metamatics in a lush remix sauce! round up a six of kingfisher and settle in for a 10-inch vinyl meal sure to set your senses racing faster than a mumbai bowel movement. at the heart of this fiery release is the track “byeway” from the metamatics album from death to passwords where you’re a paper aeroplane, and three previously-unreleased metamatics tracks—an extremely rare treat for westerner and easterners alike! but delikatessen doesn’t serve its metamatics plain; we delicately balance strong hints of xela, lbg, setzer and sense into the sauce to create four new cuts of unparalleled depth and zest! you’ll need a rickshaw full of naan to get through this meal! sense sautes “byeway”’s milky tones together with b12-inspired punchy rhythm programming until it bubbles over as “byeway rewired.” lgb and setzer take on “the pod” like iron chefs, with the former crafting the silken ambient “el major de la nova” as his dish against the latter’s heavily hip-hop textured “parallactic” main course. it’s a three-way draw, though, as xela’s “shit hot dirt—hotwired in walsall” rounds out the meal with a tangy broken beat idm flavor sure to satisfy even the most exquisite palette.


1 byeway rewired (sense rmx)
2 the pod (el manor de la nova-lgb rmx)
3 the pod (parallactic-setzer rmx)
4 shit hot dirt (hotwired in walsall-xela rmx)