fear & loathing for dummies. c01

fear & loathing for dummies. cd

mirex. c01

this compact disc is a perverted horrorshow of distintigrating beats, disembodied voices and amphetamine bass from the great beyond. you know that scene in the exorcist where linda blair's head slowly turned unnaturally all the way around? imagine if your computer did that to you as you late one night and you ll get an idea of what this record feels like...special plastic sleeve packaging.


1 stealing & sabotage [fullonelectro]
2 witches [filthyc8videomix]
3 new music
4 flies
5 getting fat
6 change
7 heaven is as santa
8 computers [edit]
9 couchburn1
10 couchburn2
11 artists or anarchists
12 carousel
13 march of the carica