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somatic responses
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a new sign of life from wales - john and paul healy, well-known as somatic responses produced a new fulltime masterpiece of electronic sound wizzardry. almost two years have passed since giauzar and it seems the brothers used their time not only for the explorations of new tonal and atonal scapes, they also went for a re-analysis of their roots. the digital darkness described here is a dry, drawn out universe of distorted chromatic basses, straightened heavy beats and swirling filter pulses, establishing ties from the times when the tb-303 took over technoid music up to the nineties where speed increased and rhythms became dodgier. stylistic classifications were never somatic responses' aim, nevertheless, digital darkness might be rated as one of their most straight-lined works since years - f.e. you never heard s.r. as speedy as they are on the title track or 'reset the world'. their typical ingredients like unique strings usage are still present ('stranded'), the enrichment with some blasts from the past makes digital darkness a mixture which will kick your eardrums in.


1 duality (darkstepacidmix)
2 outside the box
3 human bass
4 digital darkness
5 mechafunk
6 reset the world
7 stranded
8 neu
9 beatbyter (jungelishmix vip)
10 invincible
11 cut up musick
12 go on
13 bushido
14 buzzard
15 scorpio