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the path you’re about to take was sculpted, paved and designed by s. talada. he began his musical experimentations and creations in 1987. talada's musical experience is in many styles/forms as he has worn many hats, masks and attires (with various bands and music projects) for the last 20 years. he has worked with cult groups (such as punk/industrial band stg as a vocalist) and a programmer for death rock projects and as a keyboardist for kommunity fk - talada was undoubtedly knee deep in it. he has also released several key albums (the operative through the crunch pod & sistinas labels) and has shared the stage with many performers in industrial and related genres. he also runs and operates the los angeles industrial/electronic music label mechanismz. as marching dynamics talada steps beyond his unique and varied musical endeavors. a new force that will surprise/inspire you and will be heard for years to come. marching dynamics astounds the listener with its intricate arrangements of rhythms and melodic sounds. one is lost and surrounded in the subtleties that draw you in without you realizing it. before you know it you’re covered in a most diabolically delicious and infectious groove. the narrative nature of marching dynamics is extremely meditative and thus evokes emotional response of wanting to dance/move with a flow that few musical projects can create. influential inputs range from noisy, technoid electronic, kicking classic detroit to energetic dubstep/idm hybrids. all of which are analyzed, assimilated and processed into a unique blend of synthesized analeptics for mind and body. think of your head, waist and feet as tender saucy pieces of pot roast with warm, mouth watering delectable gravy poured over it. you will then know what it is to experience marching dynamics.


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