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tonikom started as tonik in 2002, releasing several now-deleted cd-rs and changed the name to tonikom in 2006, documented in the album title 'tonikom killed tonik'. after two self-released albums, 'epoch' sees the light of day on hymen records - some kind of a logical conclusion; besides the aphex twin, meat beat manifesto, underworld, the orb and leftfield she also names hymen records' artist beefcake as one of her influences. 'epoch' is an enthralling mixture: the melodic richness of idm meet straight d'n'b/breakbeat rhythms, electronic and acoustic instrumentation is enriched with well-placed sampling, sequenced patterns keep embedded ambient soundscapes together, supplemented by power and intensity known from other electronic sub-genres. a diversified, innovating, truly epoch-making release.


1 running as fast as i can
2 salvo infinitum
3 locked out
4 dark river
5 the outside
6 a lament
7 unsettling
8 walled in
9 swollen
10 thirtytwodegrees
11 nightwalk
12 slowburn
13 stay
14 outro