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lower lip interface' - an orgy of synth-wizardry, complex rhythms and manipulated vocals. forcing beats meet distorted sequences, overlayed with a stunning usage of effects, interrupting breaks and acoustic instrumentation. economically used sampling and distraction add up the tracks, a style architect is known for since the beginning. this is state-of-the-art electronic sound inseminated with sweat, sex and aspiration, showing myer's ability to push a few knobs and get a highly concentrated extract of sweat, pain and lust. this album proves daniel myer as a sixty-minute man who knows how to use all of his' tools. enjoy these ten climaxes plus the three phantastic remixes by torrent vacine, nebulo and synnack - beware of the lower lip interface!


1 ghost of a working man
2 catch the target
3 caballa smells funny
4 a caine in the brain
5 pissed in the morning
6 r for vendetta (ribi for president)
7 routine (with klima)
8 get the bastards get away
9 a perfect kiss-no tongue
10 stairway
11 ghost of a working man (torrent vaccine remix)
12 stairway (nebulo rmx)
13 a caine in the brain (synnack remix)