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bad karma' is the most unique hecq release to date; a masterpiece of electronica which stands for itself. the melodic lines of the first two releases, which were reminiscent of artists like beefcake and lusine icl, are now mostly replaced by changing rhythmic textures, clicks and surprising sound manipulations. the precise filter effects on 'scumdrum's acoustic percussion samples are a good example of hecq's production skills. one could draw a comparison to uwe schmidt's ealier works as lassigue bendthaus and atom heart. as an addendum, l'ombre and architect used hecq's sounds/ideas to create tracks that should not just be seen as 'remixes'. these collaborations are the perfect completion to this marvellous album.


1 untitled
2 cr.blox
3 distract
4 the fiend
5 flying fear
6 (vs l’ombre)
7 into the unseen
8 lightning slots
9 untitled
10 bad karma
11 h7
12 scumdrum
13 kold
14 misantron (vs architect)
15 mourning gates
16 lost