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kattoo is volker kahl of beefcake. in a recent interview, volker kahl talked at length about his new album 'places' on hymen, and about a wide range of topics. the following is an excerpt from that interview. (r): okay, let’s settle down now and move on to another question, alright? let’s talk a little about this new album of yours, ???. it’s your first solo album, right? (vk): right, my first solo album. gabor, the other beefcake, he and i both make music separately but this is the first time i’ve released an album by myself like this. i’m very excited about it, aren’t you? (r): yes, it’s a brilliant mixture of dark techno beats and what the kids call drum-and-bass, right? but i hear lots of strings and things like that in it, there’s lots of orchestral music! it could almost be music for a film. (vk): right, right! you are not only sexy, but perceptive! i was commissioned to make a film score, for a low-budget german porno full of, how do you call them, midgets, and also a lot of de-clawed cats, but then the producers of that movie lost all of their government arts funding, so i was left with a lot of beautiful classical-sounding music. what should i do with it? throw it out? no! i decided to beat it over the head with a techno and an industrial baseball bat. so what you get on “track 2” is these midgets getting very vocally excited about all the de-clawed cats, and then a dark hip-hop beat comes in and changes into a frantic, noisy breakbeat, to cover up the original soundtrack. actually, the sounds of the breakbeat are from the midgets having sex with the cats. you can find the complete interview and more details on the album at cd album / digipak. released in collaboration with


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