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a ph.d. candidate in environmental politics at toronto’s york university, rich oddie revels in the interplay between politics, theory, and music, and plies all three into the fabric of his new album for hymen, circuitbreaking. hymen will release two versions: the full-length cd will include 10 tracks, where the arrangement consists of thematic, melody-driven pieces punctuated by precision experimental electronics that range in timbre from the textural calamities of akira rabelais and autopoieses’ noise patterns to the tone-pulse configurations of ryoji ikeda and carsten nicolai’s microtonal minimalism. titled “circuit I-V,” these almost interstitial pieces buffer stark, techno-infused tracks like “signal to noise,” which with its riveting electro overtones and ceaseless crisp bass pulses brashly acknowledges its debt to the detroit underground. “simulacra” and “simulacrum” share strong ties to laptop glitch and rhythmic noise, both spinning around a shared sequence of unchanging tone sounds and downtempo industrial beats. and if one track on circuitbreaking wears its political orientation on its sleeve, it’s “critical mass,” a martial beat pattern with jeering crowd noise that’s equal parts berlin techno and “join in the chant” by nitzer ebb. as full of musical variety as it is, circuitbreaking nevertheless succeeds in conveying a singular conceptual theme, one which lies at the heart of people’s connections with one another. hymen encourages you to perform your own circuitbreaking wherever and whenever the need arises.


1 signal to noise
2 circuit I (enclosure)
3 remote control
4 circuit II (alienation)
5 simulacra
6 circuit III (commodification)
7 simulacrum
8 circuit IV (consumption)
9 critical mass
10 circuit V (contamination)