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liminal space, xanopticon’s debut album for hymen records, centers around micrometer-sized sound snippets placed one-by-one in perfect order, creating a mesmerizing fight scene between clangs and clacks, snaps and pops, noise and thunder. what sets xanopticon apart from peers like venetian snares, somatic responses, and end is that liminal space functions on a premise of silent veneers punctuated by a panoply of different sounds. “symphwrak”’s accelerated industrial bass toms pierce a wavering metallized plane like so much grenade shrapnel through an aluminum shed; “constant,” on the other hand, with its finely isolated and matte tonality, suggests a manic industrial chopping machine, where everything from snaps to croinks to breaks fall julienned in uniform fashion. the more dramatic synth overtones and delicate beat structures of “drunxpla” connote the sense of a grand sword battle between martial masters, an orchestration of tight percussion quanta clashing with violence, yet tempered with strategy.


1 constant
2 these days
3 indec
4 drunxpla
5 into the dark
6 symphwrak
7 clii
8 the slow walk down
9 capacitd