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neutral’s nicole elmer is back with a captivating remix album, caller id. less than a year after she redefined her sound from laptop industrial to a rich hybrid of acoustic instrumentation and intelligent pop lyricism on her album motion of, neutral’s brought in some of the best and brightest in modern electronic music to have a go at her back catalog. remixers include ant-zen and hymen’s well-known noise arbiters xingu hill, p•a•l, and telepherique as well as newcomers like the cinematically-driven end. and since caller id, like motion of, is a joint release with mad monkey records, it seemed fitting to bring in mad monkey labelmates burning rome and chango-feo for this finale. rounding out the remixer list are oregon’s best-kept electro twiddling secret solenoid and famed digital break stylists gridlock. but caller id isn’t just remixes. fans of her music will find four unreleased tracks woven into the release, adding a cohesiveness to caller id that makes it more than a simple collection of diverse remixes. caller id feels like a new album, much like mad monkey’s first release - on which neutral appears - the legendary enter the monkey compilation. fittingly, caller id closes the loop for neutral and her first creative incarnation, while paving the way for what’s next for both nicole elmer and mad monkey records.


1 answering machine #1
2 cut paper
3 bird in the air (xingu hill remix)
4 silent
5 hey ash (atlas' anthem remix by solenoid)
6 carbon (end remix)
7 paper boy (main post boy remix by telepherique)
8 answering machine #2
9 180 (cientos y ochenta remix by chango feo)
10 carbon paper
11 j. doesn't do acid anymore (gridlock remix)
12 jazz interludes for looney tunes
13 desire of(p.a.l remix)
14 february and march (burning rome version)
15 answering machine #3