savage exile. a+w lp019

azar swan
savage exile. 12"

aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w lp019

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the duo of zohra atash and joshua strawn have worked in other joint projects as well as separately over the decade, but their third album as azar swan already stands out as one of their strongest efforts to date, refracting the simmering mood music of their earlier into a more unnerving artistic extremism. starting with the growling, ominous drone loops and rapidly-accelerating pulses of 'shock,' accentuated further by atash’s murky keen, savage exile, split between compositions by the two musicians, is designed to cause uneasy thrills. anyone who grew up with the throb of industrial music as part of their dna will find much that resonates—the track 'jungle law' especially feels like it should have emerged from a wax trax release somewhere in the late ‘80s, or, maybe more appropriately, zoth ommog a few years later. but compared to that track’s fairly straightforward approach, what’s especially intriguing about savage exile is the way the duo twists everything to their own particular ends. limited edition of 200 copies, white vinyl w/ download code.


1 shock
2 territorial
3 twilight anesthesia
4 lines in the sand
5 silent like a father
6 jungle law
7 instinct
8 functions of fantasy
9 you can’t wash away murder
10 heavy water