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v.a. - maschinenfest 2018. 2cd

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the 2018 edition closes the circle with a visual reference to the very first one from 1999 – like that it is bound in black cardboard with silver print. and: six of the original eleven acts do reappear, bearing witness to the remarkable consistency of the maschinenfest family and the way it has grown and developed together: ah-cama sotz, imminent, salt, winterkälte, hypnoskull and synapscape (who have even gone so far to present an all new recording of their 1999 contribution). the rest is the tested and approved mixture of mf regulars and repeat offenders like contagious orgasm, ambassador 21, config.sys, dazzling malicious, orphx, vromb, monolith, architect, iszoloscope, the (law-rah) collective, dive, nullvektor, swanika, control, dirk geiger, proyecto mirage, chrysalide, sutcliffe jügend, end.user, alarmen and dj hidden with first-timers killerlady ensemble, holotrop and xoks, and no less than two artists – mental destruction and xabec – who just reformed for the occasion. so for one last time open your mind and heart to the sound universe of maschinenfest!


1 into the realm of death-maschinenfest 2018 version death and infernal thirst vs ah cama-sotz
2 crawl control
3 nothing new dazzling malicious
4 scripted reality dirk geiger
5 blue watters dive
6 can't breathe-redhat remix enduser
7 seul imminent
8 spirit intrusion-mf cut iszoloscope
9 leistungsnachweis-mf version nullvektor
10 chiadni plate the [law-rah] collective
11 alternate endeavour-extended duration orbiter by spherical disrupted alarmen
12 was soll werden config.sys
13 gone-machine edit dj hidden
14 dawn of humanity holotrop
15 your dying soul-mf cut mental destruction
1 jaipur monolith
2 twirlwind-we are maschinenfest salt
3 trepanning sutcliffe jügend
4 blutgurler swanika
5 once again you die again synapscape
6 defend habitats-forest version winterkälte
7 monopoly game ambassador 21 vs suicide inside
8 csa architect
9 beautiful last lamplight contagious orgasm
10 in you is the future-demon version chrysalide
11 volgogradskly prospekt hypnoskull
12 das atmen des teufels 1 killerlady ensemble
13 i don't fear you-premaster orphx
14 marduk proyecto mirage
15 rumeur-machine vromb
16 gzhelium xabec
17 warlmf2018 x0ks