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dirk geiger
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in modern society, people have become sluggish and lazy. constantly diverted by internet and social media serving prefabricated bites of surrogate ideas, stifling the critical mind. in large, people don’t even notice they exist enveloped in a filter bubble of others’ opinions. it is high time for awareness, for standing up to deceit, for making up one’s own minds – else all dreams die quietly. social critique is not a standard subject matter for ambient music, but with his first album after the demise of his previous home base tympanik, dirk geiger tackles the issue described. clocking in just under 50 minutes, the tracks of 'dreams die quietly' appear calmer and more minimal than ever, following a 'reduce to the maximum' creed musically: field recordings, fragile sounds and drones and an occasional metronomic pulse. what does it take to raise conscience, to call for awareness? take up the same method that you criticize – loud, click baiting antisocial media obnoxiousness? no, dirk geiger chooses the hard path: make it quiet, appeal to the intellect, to those who are capable of active listening. the eight tracks of this album promise reward to those who meet that challenge: the beauty of pure sound, immersion into a realm of true recognition, the prevention of your dreams quietly dying.


1 looming darkness
2 disrupted society
3 antisocial network
4 reduce to the maximum
5 fear of freedom
6 dreams die quietly
7 scripted reality
8 god mode