negative etiquette. trauma052

noire antidote
negative etiquette. cd

audiotrauma. trauma052

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almost two years have passed since that noire antidote has set his first mark with his debut release ‘’i know where the wolf sleeps.’’ since then the project has exponentially been growing, playing many shows over europe and even in russia and the u.s.. the next chapter of noire antidote’s story is about to be unveiled, on 09/22/2018 ‘’negative etiquette’’ will see the light of day. limited to 300 copies, digipak packaging.


1 obsidian smile
2 no more eyes
3 oneirophobia (featuring monomorte)
4 thistle child
5 the nearness of…
6 æææ
7 and so we praise the havoc
8 negative etiquette
9 bitter solace
10 the last thing you feel
11 counterparts (featuring ecstasphere)
12 funeral in the botanical garden