live at maschinenfest 2017. raub-063

sutcliffe jügend
live at maschinenfest 2017. tape

raubbau. raub-063

sutcliffe jügend at maschinenfest, a meeting of legends, and 50+ minutes of intensity captured on this recording: the english duo were presenting their uniquely refined brand of extreme expressionist electronics, which relies on extreme frequencies and controversial lyrics alright, but incorporates various influences and unexpected shifts in mood and sound. kevin tomkins started sutcliffe jügend after hearing throbbing gristle and wanting to make electronic music even more extreme. he then put sutcliffe jügend on hold to join whitehouse for a short period in the early eighties. first known for most primitive and brutal harsh noise; but then they discovered that the horrifying effect and offensive nature of their art appears even more pronounced by incorporating various influences and techniques that the listener isn’t expecting. so, on these tracks, culled from their various releases of recent years, tomkins leads us through the appalling underworld of the human mind, the obsession, perversity and abuse that man is capable of, presented with a distinctly english sneer, while the musical backdrop oscillates between the most upfront noisy and the aggravatingly dark and abysmal. reject social conformity, reject simple pleasures, it’ll prove worth the effort!


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