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with his new album 'blood will rain' thomas garrison a.k.a. control presents a release which is a status report of a journey into an artist's saturnine inner self. the sound shows a slight shift in direction from control's power electronics basics towards death industrial whereat deep, dark soundscapes play a decisive foundational role. enduring pulses of apparent and sometimes concealed rhythms overlaid with resonant metallic drones and tortured voice treatments evoke a dramatic atmosphere of maleficant trance. an electronically generated ritual music caused by the combination of hypnotic, cavernous and perpetual aggressive elements. this most sable release in control's history is a soundtrack for incantations of many kinds: chaos, suffering, enlightenment. able to establish fraternal bonds between artist and listener, 'blood will rain' might be used to open up as yet closed, or even hidden doors. be prepared.


1 awakening
2 der weg
3 blood will rain
4 invoking chaos
5 descending into shadows
6 the chosen call
7 black mass
8 drowned by hate
9 the blood that powers all
10 this is the law