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only a short period after the release of his well received 'darkness' album, karl rydby and mattias ivarsson a.k.a. grand mal x from sweden open up their archives and present 'retrospektiv 2010 - 2016', a truly fine selection of works which were only available on tape format including the unreleased first track ever produced by this project. each one of the thirteen tracks on this compilation show grand mal x' ability to transform the electronic spirit of the eighties into the present. vintage-style minimal-electro tunes created with pulsing rhythm box patterns, cracking sequencer lines and disturbing industrial sound treatments head in an old school direction while the clear, transparent production makes this release sound very contemporary. the predominant beats interfere with dark atmospheres carried by extensive male and female vocals, often digitally processed to intensify the disturbing, threatening mood. in the end, this retrospective is completed with two long-lasting pieces of unsettling ambiance with a deep cinematic feel. at once danceable and gripping, grand mal x' sonic output is suitable for those who enjoy the past while being aware of the present. highly recommended.


1 laced pork chops
2 vortex as inverted pyramid
3 stealth minds
4 units
5 tricks of a trade
6 late night call
7 the crossing
8 four chambers
9 a sudden portal
10 il capitano
11 empire of spheres
12 shamanik frequency
13 observing from a quiet mind