the tree of life and death. occd39

coph nia
the tree of life and death. 3cd

old captain. occd39

recorded almost two decades ago this obscure compendium by aldenon satorial for years remained a secret now regained to enlighten the pilgrims’ progress. ‘a collection of dead drones and aborted soundscapes’ as a subtitle for the album, sums up a gateway to the darker realms reflecting the inherent duality of being. from mortal sins to immortality the symbolic circle made of branches and roots encapsulates us to provide ancient esoteric vitality coph nia is famous for. discover your verus pastor at the base of the tree where ‘everything is true’. a 3cd set (25 tracks / 225 minutes) in a 6-panel matte-laminated digipak in edition of 250 copies.


1 untitled I
2 untitled II
3 untitled III
4 untitled IV
5 untitled V
6 untitled VI
7 untitled VII
8 untitled VIII
1 untitled IX
2 untitled X
3 untitled XI
4 untitled XII
5 untitled XIII
6 untitled XIV
7 untitled XV
8 untitled XVI
9 untitled XVII
1 untitled XVIII
2 untitled XIX
3 untitled XX
4 untitled XXI
5 untitled XXII
6 untitled XXIII
7 untitled XXIV
8 untitled XXV