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being a member of various bands and projects like quoit, painkiller, lull, napalm death, just to name a few, we are now concentrating on scorn and here are the bare facts: founded by mick harris in 1991 to create rhythmic, hypnotic drum and bass music. since its inception, with its throbbing low end, ethereal sounds and big beats, scorn has explored previously uncharted musical territory and, in the process, has redefined the world of ambient dub. scorn has emerged as the vanguard of both the post-rock and isolationist aesthetics; appropriating such distinctly communal music as hip hop and dub to extreme individualistic ends. tracks ranging from slow motion grooves over heavy beats to warm and relaxing structures. scorn with its unique blend of sub bass and minimalist grooves continues to challenge standard concepts of structure in order to forge his own musical path. a monolith among modern beats and drums. scorn is a no joke movement.


1 soon come (version beat)
2 can but try
3 still on
4 told you can tell
5 flap
6 soon come
7 told you can tell (part 2)
8 closedown
9 part of
10 flap (part 2)
11 that dont
12 can but try (back on itself)
13 melt