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fall in asymmetry is a patchwork of internal situations that one can meet also as external - in other people's eyes, in the interactions with strangers and generally in the actions caught by your vision field. even in inanimate objects with the way they are positioned in space and how they interact with the environment. the same thing can be observed in nature but on a bigger scale. it is as if something reacts like you but externaly, identified but distant. a personal connection but above all universal. the musical outcome is not something specific. it can be characterized as a transition from one situation to the other. from a romantic atmosphere to the aggressive groove, from a smooth beat to hard glitches, from dirty sound effects to pure renaissance synth voices. from a cry in silence and vise versa.


1 4 elements
2 dead end
3 to the surface
4 love the inaccessible
5 3.14 - infected body (remixed by inspiral)
6 ode
7 fall in asymmetry
8 prom beneath grey skies
9 acid yard
10 withered flowers