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coph nia / mindspawn
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the air grows a little colder while the sounds of coph nia and mindspawn reverberate endlessly inside and around you. each layer of humming drones and nearby pulsing mechanical sounds unfolds as pitch black smoke while haunting voices in the distance create an infinite space of darkness. a darkness to embrace and to inhale and to disappear in - as we will do again and again. each time, something new is revealed to us from the complex beauty of every single track. while being originally published in 2005, this rerelease of ‚erotomekaniks‘ is a definite must have for all who appreciate the bittersweet taste of elaborate dark ambient.


1 subo contages
2 night in the key of madness
3 nemoch-sarath
4 triptych passage
5 pnothphalleum
6 machine heat
7 mekanick