soviet synthesizer - black vinyl. bup040

soviet synthesizer - black vinyl. 12"

basic unit productions. bup040

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with the contrast of hard hitting piercing minimal body music beats and the soft touch of female vocals blended in, there is much variety to be had on this ep. along with guest vocalists jennifer touch, aleta welling and oliver chesler (aka the horrorist), each of whom have their own powerful and unique style, dsx presents a modern day cold war theme in this release, which is clearly reflective of the current climate in the world. though the tracks are not outwardly political, there is a nostalgic hint of 80’s pop/ebm blended in, calling for action, revolution, and dance. with so much fear and chaos seeming to take over the world these days, if you can’t beat em, make em dance! black vinyl edition.


1 duck & cover
2 separation (feat. jennifer touch)
3 strategic defense initiative
4 pinpoint (feat. aleta welling)
5 soviet synthesizer
6 kill if we are (feat. the horrorist)