deconstruction mentale. ql16

deconstruction mentale. cd

qualia. ql16

on deconstruction mentale, the third part of the transpersonal musick series, holotrop returns back to the inner path of self knowledge and leads the listener slowly into the depths of human nature. the album is shaped by a consequent development of holotropĀ“s sound to more spheric and complex sound structures. layered drones mixed with celestial chants merge to a lucid presence where past and future are anymore tangible. a journey into the inner cave of existence, where we stand alone, thrown back, naked and isolated. cd comes in a a5 oversize cover with a3 poster and 12 pages booklet. limited to 300 copies.


1 secret ecstasy
2 haunted dreams in broken mirrors
3 inner wasteland
4 a new born star
5 last state of mind
6 unknown suffering