elegy of a mind vacuum fullness. form-ta-03

jimmy watt
elegy of a mind vacuum fullness. mp3 album

format noise. form-ta-03

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jimmy watt’s work methodology focuses mainly on the capture, extraction, editing and storage of audio samples from different sources: records on the street, dialogues extracts, audiovisual edits and converts of radio signals. uses a shortwave radio to capture foreign broadcasts. transforms, relentlessly, curtails, beheads and sews sound works from different backgrounds and authors, providing the glue that comes from analog-digital instruments and audio processors and resulting in a ‘sound narration’ split into parts. his sound works do not drop below 20 minutes for just such narrative, where there is a development from defined introduction to epilogue. detests the ‘digital finishing’ of sound with a computer. for that reason dirty, gnawing and saturated sounds prevail (but without spoiling the record), thus achieving kind of a sound archeology. this creative concepts pursues mysticism, the occult, time, religions, the process that leads to contemplation, the silence, the pause, the suspension, death and upstarts.


1 conception - proclamation
2 the travel - the rest