inland. slmcd9807

ulf söderberg
inland. cd

slow moon. slmcd9807

with every soundscape that we encounter as a part of inland, ulf söderberg expands our idea of ritual electronic music. gifted with a creative momentum that never seems to arrest, the artist also known as sephiroth delights us with his recent release on slow moon. this work is the result of professional sound design - every sonic landscape is composed with accuracy that radiates passion for atmosphere and detail. twelve tracks that range between the stillness and the calm of a scandinavian lake at dusk to rhythm-dominated patterns running at the pace of a wolf hunt, there is no room for boredom. each track is a fluid state of beauty with individual dynamics: we may lean back and dwell into the unfolding drones or sense the pull of gripping organic drums towards a dancing state. whatever you prefer in any given moment let your spirit lift and soar. for it will shimmer in the light of endless variety that lasts throughout the journey across inland.


1 norr om natten
2 solskifte
3 eldar
4 besvärjaren
5 månförmörkelse
6 virvlaren
7 skymningens unga gudar
8 korpdemonen
9 den gröna tunneln
10 inland
11 vid gryningens rand
12 morgonhamn